MAGLUG Companies Group (MAGLUG CG) is set up for effective practical solution of economic, environmental and social problems by joining of scientific, industrial, technical, financial and organizational capabilities of several multi-profile companies.

The main directions of MAGLUG CG activities

— Production of lead and lead alloys on the lead basis;

— Production of tin-lead solders;

— Production of tin, lead, calcium babbits;

— Production of soldering pastes and fluxes for soldering;

— Collection and recycling of secondary lead-bearing raw materials, including spent lead-acid storage batteries (SLASB).

The structure of the MAGLUG CG (later – MCG) ensures production cycle in total from the collection of secondary lead-bearing raw materials to their overall industrial processing in its own production facilities in complying with environmental regulations.

Modern technologies and equipment, our own researches and developments, highly skilled specialists with many years of operational experience in plants and research institutes of the country, the availability of own accredited factory laboratory allowed to MAGLUG CG to provide high quality products, competitive prices, high reputation among domestic and foreign consumers, effective solution of actual environmental problems.

The main consumers of our production are rechargeable batteries industry, cable plants, enterprises of chemical and other industries (radio-electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, railway transport, etc.).

MAGLUG CG is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises. We guarantee delivery of ordered products of high quality and in agreed time.

More information you can find in the appropriate section of our website or by contacting us.