Production of lead and lead-based alloys

Owing to its proprietary scientific and technological developments, MAGLUG GC manufactures high-quality metallurgical products with improved performance characteristics.

MAGLUG GC is available to manufacture specific products per customer requirements. Meanwhile, our Certificate of Quality contains a reference to the official, properly approved normative consumer document submitted to the Central Plant Lab of ZAO AGROPRIBOR.

The following lead and lead-based alloys, whose quality complies with the current standards and satisfies the specific requirements of the consumers, are the primary MAGLUG GC products:

  • — Lead as per GOST 3778-98, С2, С2С and other (lower) grades;
  • — Lead as per EN 12659, Pb 985 R, Pb 970 R, Pb 940 R grades;
  • — Lead-antimony alloys as per GOST 1292-81, any grade.

MAGLUG GC produces various special lead-based alloys per customer requirements:

  • — Lead-calcium alloys - (PbCaSnAl);
  • — Lead-antimony-selenium alloys - (PbSbSnSe);
  • — Lead-antimony-arsenic alloys - (PbSbSnAs);
  • — Lead-tellurium alloys (PbTe).

Products are manufactured as bars and blocks. Bars (40kg. and under) are packed onto pallets, with 35-40 bars to a pallet. Pallets are packed with metal or PE tape (per customer request). Blocks do not exceed 1500kg. in weight.

Please contact us for additional information on our product nomenclature, prices and delivery terms.