MAGLUG Group of Companies was created with the aim of efficient practical resolution of economic, ecological and social tasks by integrating scientific, manufacturing, technical, financial and organizational facilities of several enterprises with different specializations.

The main business directions of MAGLUG GC are

  • — Production of lead and lead-based alloys;
  • — Collection and recycling of secondary lead-containing materials, including used lead-acid batteries;
  • — Wholesale and retail sale of rechargeable batteries for automobiles, uninterruptible power supply systems and traction batteries.

Our partners

  • World leaders in lead-acid battery production, including VARTA.
  • An international company, established in Japan over 100 years ago.
  • Trafigura is one of the major international traders and trading houses in the metallurgical sphere.

Lead recycling

The structure of MAGLUG GC provides for a full production cycle from secondary lead-containing material collection to its industrial recycling to market-grade lead manufacturing on proprietary production plants in compliance with all ecological norms.

Collection of secondary lead-containing materials

  • 1991year of foundation
  • #1in lead recycling
    and export
  • 30 000tons of products
16representative offices
in major Russian

and equipment

Modern technologies and equipment, proprietary science and technology developments, highly qualified personnel with extensive experience at production enterprises and scientific institutions, the presence of its own accredited production lab allowed MAGLUG GC to ensure the high quality of manufactured goods, competitive prices, excellent reputation among domestic and foreign consumers and efficient resolution of poignant environmental issues.