Research and production activities of MAGLUG CG enterprises started since the foundation in Moscow in 1991 of the company MAGLUG Scientific and Production Firm Closed Joint-Stock Company (MAGLYUG SPF CJSC). Production of tin-lead solders, tin-lead babbits and diamond cutting disks was organized on rented city site.


In 1994 in the Moscow region, 60 km from Moscow, there was purchased in property plant Rosagropribor and on its basis it was created AGROPRIBOR CJSC. The available in Moscow production was transferred on the site and metallurgical production of lead and its alloys from waste lead metal raw materials (cable sheath, stamps, die-cutting, etc.) was additionally created.

In the same year spectral and chemical and analytical laboratories at the plant were established and certified. These laboratories have the appropriate state certification and ensure the rapid analysis of the products.

During 1995-1996 there was made an analysis of the market of the lead and lead-bearing raw materials in Russia and studied the possibilities of realization of lead bearing marketable products. It was found that a substantial demand for lead was in the country, but the dominant amount of lead was imported due to deficiency capacities for its production. At the same time a large number of cheap unreclaimable lead-containing raw materials, especially of spent lead-acid batteries (SLASB) was accumulated and continued to grow in RF.

To fill in lead deficiency in the country and regularly provide own production with lead, it was decided to create its production in AGROPRIBOR CJSC from cheap raw materials – SLASB.

Since 1997 stable commercial production of marketable lead and its alloys from lead-bearing raw materials was began. Since 1998 supply of lead and antimony alloys was began to the domestic factories manufacturing new lead-acid batteries.

Later, these companies were joined into MAGLUG Companies Group (MCG). The head company in Group is MAGLUG SPF CJSC.

In 1999, MAGLUG SPF CJSC was among the first firms in Russia who has obtained a license to collect and recycle SLASB with the electrolyte. Since this year processing of SLASB including the smelting of lead and lead alloys in stationary reverberatory furnaces became priority direction for the MCG.

Simultaneously with the production activity MAGLUG SPF CJSC has developed a concept for the collection and processing SLASB in Moscow and Moscow region. As result in 1999 MAGLUG SPF CJSC and AGROPRIBOR CJSC were reckoned among winners of competition announced by the Governments of Moscow and Moscow region to create effective system for collection and processing SLASB.

In 2001 these enterprises were included in the list of main executors of the City Recycling Program for motor vehicles as SLASB collectors and recyclers.

In 2003 in the Moscow region, in 9 km from Moscow our company became owners of industrial site, put there in operation mechanized line for SLAB breaking and introduced continuous technology of raw materials preparation to metallurgical processing with low-cost manual labour and minimal lead contamination of the workplace atmosphere and the environment (without excess of the established standards).

In 2004 MCG enterprises were included in the list of main executors of the Moscow regional Program for collection and recycling of lead-acid batteries and lead-bearing wastes for the period 2004-2010.

Since 2005 our enterprises carry out large-scale reconstruction in order to improve efficiency and environmental safety of production. In the period from 2005 to 2008 more than 60% of investments was directed to the solution of environmental problems – in the first place to re-equip dust and gas cleaning systems and to carry out production activities in full compliance with environmental regulations and requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In the same years the demand of battery manufacturers for the lead and up-today alloys have increased, and MCG enterprises have continued improvement of lead production technology, developed the production technology of new lead alloys, expanded the range of products.

In 2006 the production of lead-calcium alloys was introduced in addition to the lead products output.

In 2007 shipping lead-products in European countries (Bulgaria, Germany) has begun.

In 2007 MAGLUG SPF CJSC has become a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2008 AGROPRIBOR CJSC put into operation a rotating drum furnace and a new multi-stage gas cleaning system, which made it possible to improve conditions of labour in the workplace, reduce the losses of lead, significantly reduce environmental pollution and the use of manual labour during the metallurgical processing of lead-bearing materials.

To the present time the production technology of marketable lead and the most needed up-to-date alloys on lead basis have introduced and production activity is carried out in accordance with environmental standards and requirements of Russian legislation.

Quality control of processes and products is performed using modern analytical equipment (made in Germany) in the AGROPRIBOR CJSC Central Factory Laboratory, which in 2008 received the state status of accredited Test Laboratory (Center).

MCG enterprises have licenses for all activity types related to the SLASB collection, processing and production of lead and alloys.

MCG Enterprises continue further updating of the main and auxiliary processes, take part in the realization and improvement of regional SLASB recycling programs.